Milja Seppälä, CEO

8 March 2017

A crowdsourcing expert, Innopinion, has acquired a corporate culture consultancy and coaching company, Human@Work’s business, tools and methods in purpose to create a new generation’s activation agency.


Innopinion has acquired Human@Work’s business and changed it’s name to People2Join. The new generation’s activation agency People2Join helps organisations involve people to co-create better products, services, cultures and communities by offering scalable digital services and modern participation methods. Milja Seppälä has started as a new CEO. Before People2join Milja Seppälä worked for Targetor ltd, as a CEO. People2Join has already significant national and international companies as their clients.

”Innopinion’s focus was in license selling. We wanted to expand our services by offering more participative methods and expertise, how to benefit the most of crowdsourcing. Human@Work has lots of experience in developing employee experience and brand engagement by using participative methods. Now our offering includes also a Happiness at Work Survey, which measures holistically employee experience. Once we understand the current engagement level in the organisations, we can offer tools and methods to increase engagement ”, says Milja Seppälä, CEO of People2Join.

People2Join’s vision is to be a global playmaker, offering digital platforms and services to enable personal influencing and interaction between people and organisations. People2Join believes that the best way to get people engaged is to make them feel that they are heard and they can influence things.

People2Join’s most significant clients are: Columbia Sports Wear Europe, Nortal, Queen Silvia Nursing Award and cities of Espoo and Tampere. The co-founders of People2Join are: The founders of Innopinion Ykä Marjanen and Tom Laine, an advertising business senior Päivi Topinoja-Aranko, Human@Work’s employee experience expert Anna Kärävä, the CEO of Kaleva Media Juha Laakkonen and the CEO of People2Join Milja Seppälä.

To celebrate new company’s launch, People2Join will organise an international social responsible campaign in purpose to find solutions, how we could have more women in top positions in the organisations by tackling the existing barriers. The campaign will start on the international women’s , on the 8th of March.

More about the campaign: