Anna Kärävä, People Power Strategist

13 December 2016

If the computers would use only 20% of their potential in your organization, what would you do? Calling to IT help desk and ask someone to fix the computers immediately. Based on the global research studies only 20% of employees are actively engaged – using their full potential.  More than half of the employees are passively engage – lacking  their full potential. What do you do?

A passive engagement at work is a global challenge.  Study by study proves that engaged employees are more productive, more innovative, happier and have less sick leaves which is a huge  cost for companies and societies. It is time to act, before it’s too late. As we need computers full potential, we need people’s full potential too. Every company needs a lot more engaged people to make better and more meaningful business.

Involving employees is the most effective way to engage

One of the fastest and most effective way to increase engagement is to involve people by using modern tools like crowdsourcing. It increases automatically a sense of autonomy, when people have a channel to influence. You can invite employees to participate for many different things:  innovating new work practices based on a new strategy or innovating new marketing ideas and new services. You can get easily hundreds of ideas from your employees to improve your culture and business. You get the ideas transparently, evaluated by your employees which increases engagement and saves time of decision making.  You can have everything done in two weeks without a single worksop. Effective, isn’t it?

Crowdsourcing is a great tool but how to get the most of it

If you want to engage your employees, the platform is just a tool.  The most crucial thing is to understand, why and how to use it. The following questions need to be answered.

1) What is your purpose to use crowdsourcing? What do you want to achieve?

2) What role would participation and crowdsourcing play in your organisation?

3) What would motivate your employees to participate? Why?

4) How intensively would you like to use crowdsourcing? Few campaigns a year or permanently?

5) What are the main criterions to evaluate the ideas?

6) How do you implement  the results?

Take a chance

Employees play an integral part in creating a company’s value proposition and are pivotal to reputation. In this connected age, engaging your employees is more important than ever. Using crowdsourcing in a relevant way is a great opportunity for organizations to increase true engagement, trust and transparency. It is a way to transform passive employees to more active ones.  People are willing to participate if it is motivating and relevant for them. So take a chance. Start engaging and motivating your employees. Everyone wins: A company, clients, employees and a society.

Anna Kärävä


Co-Founder, People Power Strategist