Case Nortal: Building a Seamless Society – Powered by People

Anna Kärävä, People Power Strategist

24 February 2017

Nortal is a multinational strategic change and technology company in vision to build seamless societies. For Nortal crowdsourcing is a tool to increase people’s activity and participation.

Leena Talvensaari, the HR-manager of Nortal says:« Crowdsourcing is an important tool for us in our journey towards our vision – building seamless society. Involving employees is  the key thing in our business and culture development. By using a crowdsourcing tool, we have reached the next level in involving people. We use the tool constantly. It has became an valuable part of developing our organization ».

Some examples

Nortal has organised different kind of crowdsourcing campaigns in purpose to co-create new services and work practices with employees.

For example Nortal used People2Join crowdsourcing tool for strategy implementation, where employees were invited to innovate new concrete work practices based on their new strategy.  They got over 50 new ideas, over 1000 evaluations and comments in two weeks. The 5 best ideas implemented immediately into practise.

Industry hackathons is a way to create new service innovations. Nortal participates them constantly and has used crowdsourcing tool in the beginning of the process as getting lots of ideas in a short time and from all over the organizations, not only from ”the official hack team”. In this way the innovation process is efficient and employees are heard, which increases engagement. Just a while ago Nortal participated a Konecranes Maritime hackathon with a great success. They won the competition with the service concept, which original idea came from crowdsourcing campaign.

At the moment Nortal is setting up as a permanent ”Seamless Idea Channel”,  where people can innovate new ideas, how Nortal could be every day a better place to work and how they can create more meaningful impact to their customers. The channel takes place in their intranet. An easy way to innovate, when ever you want and where ever you are.

How to motivate people?

People are willing to participate if it’s relevant and easy for them. How to involve people in a meaningful way?

Nortal has motivated people by offering them a transparent and democratic innovation channel, where ideas are evaluated by the participants.  Crowdsourcing is part of their participative leadership strategy, where every employee is an important contributor – a seamless society builder. In every activation, the implementation is also very important motivator. For example in strategy implementation campaign Nortal promised to implement 5 practices immediately into a daily life, which they also did. How many times we innovate new things and then forget the ideas without a systematic implementation plan?

Involving people is about giving people a voice. We know that lack of influencing our work is one of the biggest reason for dissatisfaction at work. People2Join crowdsourcing tool gives people a channel to influence and to become active contributors – easy and a cost-efficient way.

Anna Kärävä


Co-Founder, People Power Strategist