Engage by involving people

People2join helps organizations involve people to co-create better products, services, cultures and communities.  Offering scalable digital services and modern participation methods we help organizations to increase engagement, transparency, trust and productivity.


Most valuable resource – people’s thoughts

We believe that companies, brands and communities are build WITH people. Only by involving people, we can create things that really matter. People are willing to participate, if it’s easy, meaningful and motivating.

Over a decade, we have developed and improved methods and tools to create active communities. With our scalable digital tools organizations can turn that activity into value.

“The best way to get people engaged is to make them feel that they are heard and they can influence things.

-Anna Kärävä, People Power Strategist

“We have witnessed a tremendous untapped potential of knowledge within people, and seen the power when it has been harnessed.”

-Juha Laakkonen, Chairman of the Board

“Participating your customers, employees and  other interest groups is the most efficient way to develop your business, products and services. Why guess when you can ask how and why from relevant stakeholders.”

-Milja Seppälä, CEO

“Who can afford NOT to be customer-centric?”

-Tom Laine, Founder

“How much more thrive, innovation, productivity and profitability would we gain, if those who are the actual specialists of their own work would be engaged to developing the organisation.”

-Päivi Topinoja-Aranko, Member of the Board

“Technology is here to allow everyone to contribute to their best abilities. We should embrace this possibility.”

-Ykä Marjanen, Technical Innovator

Activate and engage people

Activating and engaging relevant people, based on our people power model, we can solve problems of all kinds with little resources, thus making better and more meaningful business.

We at People2Join are passionate about involving people to become active contributors.

People2Join 5 P’s Model

People2Join 5 P’s Model


People2Join Crowd

People2Join Crowd is a crowdsourcing tool, where our platform automatically interacts with all relevant stakeholders  prioritizing automatically the ideas based on the targets. For us crowdsourcing is not only a platform, it is a holistic process where organizations can benefit the most of people’s participation.

Benefits of P2J Crowd

Enhance decision making and understanding

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For every suggestion, idea or feedback you get opinions and evaluations immediately from each stakeholder group, from employees to customers. You don’t have to wait, test or circulate new ideas manually, as our platform makes sure that all ideas are tested immediately. You can reach all important stakeholders, from employees to customers, and activate them to analyze and prioritize all ideas and feedback. You get detailed quantified analysis of their opinions and which thoughts are the most important.

Humanizing brands - Improve engagament, motivation and loyalty

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The evaluation process is transparent and gives everyone a chance to contribute based on their role (e.g. customer, employee). This improves motivation and loyalty. All participants get immediate feedback on their thoughts.

Accelerate development

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By involving customers, you can accelerate and improve the success of your development as most of the features and issues are already evaluated before they are made.

Save time, money and resources

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An automated platform makes sure that all thoughts are evaluated and prioritized resource effectively. This saves time and resources, as everyone can contribute from anywhere.

Happiness at Work Survey

Happiness at Work Survey is a holistic, online employee engagement survey, which is based on a model of wellbeing developed for the UK Government Office of Science’s “Foresight Programme”.

The survey is based on the latest research in happiness and employee experience science,  easy to answer survey thoroughly assesses people’s experience of work and provides instantly available results that are insightful and fun to explore. The survey is available in Finnish and English. You can get the survey only from People2Join in Finland.

Once we know, how engaged your employees are, we will make a plan, how to increase your employee engagement by involving people.


Learn more and try a survey for free here: https://www.happinessatworksurvey.com


For Marketing/ Branding

Increase engagement by using P2J Crowd:

  • develop your brand
  • activate your story
  • get relevant  insights


Measure engagement with Happiness at Work Survey

Engage by using P2J Crowd

  • strategy implementation
  • employee branding
  • active culture building


  • Benefit crowdsourcing
  • Employee branding in practice and  in social media

For Product and Business Development

Ensure product and service development success by using P2J Crowd

Don’t miss out on key feedback and ideas from most important stakeholders

  • customers
  • employees
  • citizens

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People2join is an important tool for us in our journey towards our vision – building seamless society. Involving employees and customers are the key things in our business and culture development. By using people2join’s easy, effective and modern crowdsourcing tool, we have reached the next level in involving people. We use the tool constantly. It has became an valuable part of developing our organization.

– Leena Talvensaari , HR Manager, Nortal

Messukeskus has 1.3 million visitors every year. People2join helped us gather a large group of customers from visitors to partners to help us improve the exhibition experience. The top 20 ideas will be used 2016.

– Maria Mroue, Director, Marketing and Communications, Messukeskus Helsinki

Using People2Join crowdsourcing services we could easily participate our active beer-app users to develop our app even more usable and alluring. Now we have clear plan which features are most wanted and which new features we shall create next. With this valuable knowledge we ensure that we still have active new and old  app users in the future.

– Juha Karppinen, CEO, Pint Please



Ideas and Suggestions

Evaluations and Comments

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Milja Seppälä

CEO, Co-Founder

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Ykä Marjanen

Technical innovator, Founder

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Tom Laine

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